GMNT, Launch ecosystem of the DeFi and AI Technology on GMNT Blockchain

GMNT, Launch ecosystem of the DeFi and AI Technology on GMNT Blockchain

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BANGKOK, THAILAND / ACCESSWIRE / March 30, 2024 / GMNT Coin, a leading decentralized platform built on Binance Smart Chain to maximize the full potential of DeFi and offer high-quality inclusive financial services. The platform intends to launch NFT Marketplace on the BSC network with the GMNT Coin and also plans to build a blockchain in phase 4. GMNT Coin continues to push the boundaries at the forefront of technology with new plans and expertise.

GMNT Coin has established itself as a leading decentralized platform that launches a suite of projects, ensuring accessibility and security for all. The platform aims to hit all the milestones by focusing on the long-term vision of the projects. The decentralized platform intends to maximize the full potential of DeFi and provide high-quality, inclusive financial services. The platform’s team of professionals has the knowledge, drive, and aptitude capable of scaling these projects to the top level. The developers working on projects include:

  • Marketplace Platform – GMNT Marketplace is a leading store that collects over 100 products. Users can use GMNT Coin as an intermediary for 100% of their payments. The platform’s marketplace ensures fast delivery services with a real-time product tracking system.

  • Staking Platform – This project is a GMNT Web3 Staking project. Through this project, users can get rewards every day until the date lock stake is set. By lock staking, the platform gives users the opportunity to enjoy their lives and let their money work in their everyday lives.

  • Payment Gateway – The users are able to use GMNT Coin on marketplace platforms by implementing easy procedures. The users press to pay for payments, connect to wallets, press to confirm, and are able to check transactions with blockchain with full convenience and transparency.

  • Decentralized Exchange – The platform’s GMNTEx project is the gateway to seamless cryptocurrency exchange. This facilitates the users with a user interface, robust security features, transparent and affiliate program.

In addition, the GMNT Coin platform’s team of professionals serves their expertise. These experts designed modern platforms to support future development. Every function through system design supports Dapp and & Web3 technology. In the ever-evolving technological landscape, GMNT Coin is adding the latest technologies to make a better platform for the growing blockchain trend.

In phase 4 of the project, the project system developer Has prepared to release a new product, the AI blockchain, that works seamlessly with ChatGPT. And has added functions that reduce complicated work. of processing This allows for a significant reduction in transaction fees. and is a prototype of blockchain in the next layer.

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