Grasping the DeFi world in his palms – Herro –

Grasping the DeFi world in his palms – Herro –

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Herro – An experienced NFT investor and Crypto trader known for his informative content on the ever evolving space.

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs have taken charge and are ruling the digital asset space today. Global investors have stepped in as many exciting projects are being introduced, resulting in a wave that will rise high with time. Though many have barged into this zone, a few have been able to master it, holding in-depth knowledge and expertise about this space. He is more prevalent on Twitter @HerroCryto and holds a secondary account @Herr0x. He is popular amongst traders and investors as he posts technical and fundamental analysis on his social media, which has a vast following owing to his informative content and accurate data, which helps them manage their trading and investing profile with much ease.

Though cryptocurrencies debuted a decade back, they gained traction only in the past few years. Herro caught up with this evolving technology in 2016, when he started with $3,000, which he turned into nearly $10,000,000 within a short period. Furthermore, he has given over 5 BTC in the past three years to his followers and friends, which pushed his popularity to optimum limits, with his follower base growing exponentially. He recollects how he found out about cryptos on Twitter when he created an account after seeing Dog or Cobie screenshots on the CryptoCurrency subreddits that got him interested in this space, resulting in him making an anon Twitter account. By 2018 he started drawing triangles on charts and trading on his own. He says that during his journey as a trader and investor, he has met many interesting people who have been around the crypto and NFT space and have learnt a lot by observing them.

A few years down the line, he worked with several projects in the top 50 by market cap to grow their brand awareness and community, simultaneously amplifying their marketing efforts. Today, apart from investing in cryptocurrencies, Herro also invests in the best NFT projects which bear the potential to grow in the future. He is also working behind the scenes for some of the world’s best blockchain & NFT projects and is connecting these groups to VCs, KOLS, and celebrities to fund and boost their marketing efforts. He is also a part of the team and has had the opportunity to work with several of the most significant crypto projects on brand/marketing exposure over the past three years.


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