Panoptic Secures $7M for DeFi in Perpetual Options

Panoptic Secures $7M for DeFi in Perpetual Options

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Panoptic, a pioneering protocol in the decentralized finance (DeFi) arena, has successfully closed a $7 million seed funding round. This significant financial boost, led by European crypto powerhouse Greenfield Capital, marks a new chapter in the evolution of DeFi trading platforms.

Seed Funding Ushers in Next-Gen DeFi Solutions

The injection of capital comes at a crucial juncture for Panoptic, currently in the midst of beta testing its innovative perpetual options platform. This development is set to enhance the Ethereum network upon its mainnet debut. Additionally, Panoptic is gearing up to launch its V2 product, promising to enrich the DeFi ecosystem further.

This latest round of funding elevates Panoptic’s total capital raised to $11.5 million, following a previous $4.5 million round. The diverse pool of investors includes names such as HashKey, gumi Cryptos Capital, and Heartcore Capital. Their support underlines confidence in Panoptic’s vision of reshaping DeFi trading.

Innovative Trading Options on the Horizon

Panoptic’s platform, built on Uniswap v3, is set to introduce perpetual options for Ethereum ERC-20 token pairs. This approach offers traders the flexibility of traditional options without expiration. Hence, it opens doors to more sophisticated trading strategies in the DeFi sector.

The launch of Panoptic’s platform is timely, addressing a glaring need in the DeFi options market. Current market data reveals a stark contrast between the thriving traditional finance options market and the nascent DeFi options segment. Consequently, Panoptic’s offerings are poised to elevate the DeFi trading landscape significantly.

Established in 2022 by a team of seasoned professionals, Panoptic combines deep industry knowledge with cutting-edge technology. The platform’s user-friendly interface is designed to simplify complex trading strategies, making sophisticated DeFi trading accessible to a broader audience.

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