Sidra Bank: The First Islamic Decentralized Finance Blockchain Providing Islamic DEFI Solutions – Digital Journal

Sidra Bank: The First Islamic Decentralized Finance Blockchain Providing Islamic DEFI Solutions – Digital Journal

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This Company Is Helping The Muslim Community To Enter Into Digital Investment While Remaining Faithful To Religious Teachings

It is without question that digital currencies are the new frontier of the finance market. And though many have already ventured and are thriving within this new economic tributary, many still find it hard to invest in it, mostly due to a lack of understanding of the subject. To the Muslim community who strive to abide by Islamic laws, this could be particularly challenging.

One company aims to make a difference. Sidra Bank serves as the world’s first Islamic decentralized finance platform based on blockchain. With an aim to help fellow Muslims and non-Muslims alike, the digital bank provides a currency trading platform that guarantees conformity to religious laws and is powered by advanced technology. For non-Muslims, Sidra Bank also offers significant benefits through zero-interest loans using powered by breakthrough technologies.

“We are here to refine trades in this field,” explained the team at Sidra Bank. “We provide alternatives that are legally permissible instead of prohibited or suspicious such as the lever Financial, margin trading, mortgage, borrowing, and other Islamic alternatives.”

The team further highlights that their new technology and business model is bound to reshape current credit systems. Through strategic crowdfunding mechanisms, Sidra Bank can supply lending schemes even to unbanked or low-income people.

Another key feature of the platform is its Sidra Pay system. Set to launch next year, the payment scheme will serve as a secure and hassle-free channel for international transactions.

Through its services, Sidra Bank offers a Shariah-compliant venue where people can freely invest, trade, and manage digital currencies without having to worry about neglecting Islamic laws. The platform also hosts corporate and personal banking, currency exchanges, incubation, financing, and more.

The Sidra Bank team further cites that there is a strong potential in the Islam financial market. According to the State of Global Islamic Economy Report by Dinar Standard and Salaam Gateway, the Islamic finance industry contributes 42% of the entire Islamic economy. In 2018, the sector had an estimated value of $2.5 trillion and, at its current growth rate, is forecasted to reach a remarkable $3.5 trillion by 2024.

By creating harmony between religious practices and digital currency trading, the team hopes to boost the growth of their niche economy and guide their community towards a technologically changing market.

More information about Sidra Bank and its services is found on its website,

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