Sui Network hiccup leads to Cosmos dip, InQubeta role in defi … –

Sui Network hiccup leads to Cosmos dip, InQubeta role in defi … –

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Crypto assets are inherently volatile. Cosmos (ATOM) has been trending lower following issues surrounding the Sui Network (SUI) and its inability to accurately record transactions. Meanwhile, in their ongoing presale, InQubeta (QUBE) is emerging as a worthy player in decentralized finance (defi).

Analysts assert that InQubeta’s presale performance highlights its growth potential. With more than $2.9 million raised and over 345 million QUBE sold, supporters maintain that the project will emerge as one of the top in defi, driving token prices even higher after the official launch.

This article explores how InQubeta is solidifying its position in defi even as Cosmos grapples with market fluctuations and the Sui Network faces trouble.

InQubeta allows individuals to invest in the future of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, presenting opportunities that can enhance investors’ portfolios. 

Sui Network hiccup leads to Cosmos dip, InQubeta role in defi highlighted in presale - 1

InQubeta has instituted a 12-week vesting system to establish a robust foundation of trust and confidence. The protocol will gradually release tokens in this system, effectively mitigating the risk of abrupt price declines that negatively impact investors. 

InQubeta’s unique way of letting people invest in small amounts and its community-driven system appear to boost this presale. The presale has 10 phases, allowing investors to track how the project progresses and how prices are set.

The presale has moved quickly from the beta phase to stage 4, where the price is $0.0133. In stage 5, prices will rise to $0.0161. 

Investors can buy QUBE from the official website.

Cosmos enables secure transactions 

Cosmos is a proof-of-stake blockchain that enables different ledgers to communicate without central servers. 

ATOM, the platform’s currency, helps secure the network and ensure the protocol works as needed. Prices have been dropping in the bear market, forcing investors to explore stable and potent alternatives.

Sui Network faces technical challenges

Sui Network allows for parallel processing of transactions and horizontal scaling.

By doing so, it ensures speedy confirmation and finalization of transactions. Its objective is to reduce the time required for deploying smart contracts on its blockchain while being cost-effective.

Despite its various features, Sui Network‘ popularity is declining following reports that it cannot accurately record transactions, a development that questioned its technical reliability.

Consequently, many investors have shifted towards projects that offer better investment opportunities, casting doubt on the future of SUI.

Final thoughts

Amid challenges affecting Cosmos and Sui Network, InQubeta’s presale has been ongoing, progressing from the beta stage to stage 4. So far, over $2.9 million has been raised as investors explore the project’s opportunities.

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