Telegram launches SIM-less accounts on anon-blockchain – CryptoTvplus

Telegram launches SIM-less accounts on anon-blockchain – CryptoTvplus

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Telegram announced its SIM-less account for users. The update means that anyone can create an account on the instant messaging platform without the need for SIM card numbers.

Ultimate Privacy: No-SIM Signup, Auto-Delete All Chats, Temporary QR Codes, Topics 2.0 and More

— Telegram Messenger (@telegram) December 7, 2022

To access this feature, users must buy “blockchain-powered anonymous numbers” from Fragment, a decentralized auction platform launched by Pavel Durov, creator of Telegram.

Further details revealed that users could also set up a global timer that automatically removes messages in all new chats, plus access to additional topics for group members in groups that are up to 100. 

According to Telegram, this message auto-delete option will not affect old messages but, once set up, will be applicable for new messages and members of groups who are given specific privileges. 

Other recent upgrades on Telegram 

In December 2021, the team added a message translation option to the app to enable its over half a billion users around the world to interact without language barriers. They also introduced a themed QR code feature for users with a public username and a video live-streaming feature.

The platform which accrued about 700 million users in June 2022 announced that they were creating decentralized tools to support their community, especially in response to the recent collapse of the centralized FTX platform.

The CEO, Durov, also hinted that they were working on non-custodial wallets, a decentralized exchange, and other utilities for the app. Being a great supporter of decentralization and giving freedom and control to users, he explained that blockchain products should get back to being decentralized as users of cryptocurrencies go for “trustless transactions and self-hosted wallets that don’t rely on any single third party.”

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