TradingView Enhances DeFi Tools on Polygon via QuickSwap Partnership

TradingView Enhances DeFi Tools on Polygon via QuickSwap Partnership

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TradingView, a platform for financial analysis and trading, has announced a collaboration with QuickSwap, a decentralized exchange and DeFi ecosystem operating on Polygon. This collaboration aims to enhance the trading experience on QuickSwap’s decentralized Perpetual Exchange (QuickPerps) interface by integrating TradingView Advanced Charts.

Decentralized Trading with QuickPerps: Up to 50x Leverage

QuickSwap is known for its fast and low-cost transactions across multiple Polygon chains, leveraging the network’s interoperability and infrastructure. The integration of TradingView Advanced Charts into QuickPerps is set to enrich the platform’s efficiency. QuickPerps allows users to trade perpetual swap contracts with leverage of up to 50x in a decentralized and permissionless manner.

The integration merges QuickSwap’s efficient trading environment with TradingView’s charting tools, including high-performance charts supplied with real-time data from trusted sources, multiple drawing tools, and various indicators. This collaboration is designed to elevate the trading experience on QuickPerps, providing traders with advanced tools to make well-informed decisions within the decentralized finance space.

DXtrade Integrates with TradingView for Advanced Charting

Trading platform providers DXtrade and TradingView have partnered to support their broker partners, with TradingView serving as an advanced charting frontend as reported by Finance Magnates. This integration opens new business opportunities for brokers by offering integrated TradingView charting and community features alongside DXtrade’s trading backend.

DXtrade, developed by Devexperts, will directly connect its trading backend with TradingView, streamlining the process for brokers licensing DXtrade. This centralizes key functionalities like order execution, risk management, and commissions within DXtrade. The collaboration expands DXtrade’s reach to TradingView’s 50 million active traders worldwide, offering brokers visibility and direct signups on the popular platform.

Jon Light, the Head of OTC Platform at Devexperts, highlighted the integration’s benefits for brokers, simplifying the offering of execution services on TradingView and tapping into its vast network of traders. DXtrade supports trading across various asset classes, including stocks, derivatives, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, TradingView provides advanced charting, analytics, and community tools. This partnership aims to create a unified broker and trader experience by connecting these platforms seamlessly.


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