Big Eyes Coin, Ecoterra, And Ethereum Pave The Way For Crypto Investing

Big Eyes Coin, Ecoterra, And Ethereum Pave The Way For Crypto Investing

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Over the last ten years, the investing landscape has changed completely. Slowly, people have started to entertain the idea of putting their money into cryptocurrency.

Putting a small amount of money in cryptocurrencies can help boost your returns greatly while remaining safe and secure online, which is not always the way when it comes to traditional forms of investing.

Understanding the various niches of cryptocurrency can help you manage your investments wisely without spending your money aimlessly.

Finding a good digital asset that is created with a robust blockchain and improved services can be tough if you don’t know where to begin.

To help you narrow down your search, we’ve listed three cryptocurrencies with interesting use cases and their own established presence in the crypto community. 

Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes Coin – A Cat-Friendly Cryptocurrency For The Meme Coin Lovers

Launched in 2022, Big Eyes Coin’s presale is running strong, having raised a net total of over $34 million. This is possibly one of the biggest ICOs in recent years. The cat-friendly meme coin has been extensively marketed in coveted areas like New York Times Square, with a 3D billboard ad.

Big Eyes Coin offers a decentralized ecosystem along with its token, including products like custom-made NFTs, token-winning loot boxes, and lucrative bonuses to earn more tokens on investment.

The presale will conclude on the 3rd of June, which gives you a small window to get on the investor’s train before it ends.

The project is currently in its 13th stage of funding and has appreciated by 20% with every new funding stage. After the presale ends, the crypto will go out on UniSwap on the 15th of June.

EcoTerra Wants To Replenish Mother Earth With Its Eco-friendly Blockchain Platform

EcoTerra offers an all-in-one Recycle-2-Earn app featuring recycling tokens. Users can earn eco terra through any positive action for the environment, giving you a chance to make many from an environmentally friendly side hustle.

The blockchain platform also offers a recycled materials marketplace where you can empower your business’s sustainability efforts by purchasing recycled glass, plastic, and other harmful materials.

Ethereum – The 2nd Largest BlueChip Cryptocurrency


Famously known for its digital cryptocurrency, Ether ($ETH), Ethereum is one of the largest blue chip cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

Ethereum was created to be scalable, secure, and able to host a large number of decentralized applications.

The famous blockchain platform was made by Vitalik Buterin in 2013 and, since its inception, has been behind only big daddy Bitcoin in terms of market capitalization and mass following.

The platform supports smart contracts, which is the main tool behind decentralized applications. The mainstream NFT you see today would not be possible without the ERC-720, an invention attributable to Ethereum.

Similarly, most tokens you see today are hosted on the Ethereum blockchain through the ERC-20 token technology.

In Conclusion…

Big Eyes Coin, Eco-Terra, And Ethereum may not be your first choice of investment, but they are great digital assets to introduce you to the world of cryptocurrency.

Big Eyes Coin






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