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  • Superstate launches USTB, pioneering Ethereum-based US Govt fund.
  • USTB sets a new low with a 0.15% fee in the Ethereum fund landscape.
  • Superstate’s USTB aims to redefine secure, blockchain-based investments.

Superstate, an asset management firm, has introduced its first in a set of funds, the Superstate Short Duration U.S. Government Securities Fund (USTB). As a consequence, this introduction paves the way for an improvement in investment funds, especially blockchain technology.

Superstate, with the guidance of the company’s CEO and co-founder Robert Leshner, has designed USTB in detail, where it is a private fund that runs on the Ethereum blockchain and is available only to U.S. qualified purchasers.

A New Horizon in Investment Management

USTB, as a result, emerges as a compliant and an alternative to traditional investment funds. The fund invests in short-duration U.S. Treasury and U.S. Agency securities, aligning its target with the federal funds rate. 

It boasts, moreover of a competitive management fee of 0.15%, setting a new standard in the investment fund sector. Investors are offered the convenience of purchasing and redeeming the fund through Circle’s USDC stablecoin, enhancing the accessibility and efficiency of transactions.

Ethereum Enables Secure and Efficient Treasury Management

The advantage of USTB lies in its Ethereum-based allowlist, which facilitates on-chain transferable ownership. Superstate has, consequently, positioned the fund to enable peer-to-peer transactions soon, further elevating its potential and appeal among investors. 

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The flexibility of self-custody, additionally, allows investors to hold USTB in various on-chain addresses, ranging from single-signature and multi-signature to multi-party computation wallets. Concurrently, those seeking a more traditional custody solution, utilizing Anchorage Digital, a U.S.-based custodian and federally chartered crypto bank, remains available.

Bridging Traditional and Digital Realms

Superstate’s USTB, however, is not alone in the arena of tokenized funds. It shares the space with predecessors like Franklin Templeton’s on-chain U.S. Government Money Fund. 

Simultaneously, Superstate’s 2023 July Filing of a prospectus with the Securities and Exchange Commission for USTB, alongside the success of $4 million seed funding in June and later $14 million Series A round funding In November 2023, shows its motivation to have USTB become a market leader.

Furthermore, the company expects that USTB will transform into one of the top SEC-registered investment products in competition with stablecoins as the main reserve instrument and means of settlement in the crypto environment. This forward-looking attitude, well-thought-out release plan, and advantageous location of USTB set a standard in tokenized funds.

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