Ethereum ETF Echoes Bitcoin's Market Dominance, Render Rival Sparks Reddit Frenzy

Ethereum ETF Echoes Bitcoin's Market Dominance, Render Rival Sparks Reddit Frenzy

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Bitcoin’s (BTC) price has surged 68% in 2024 and it currently controls 54% of the total capital invested into cryptocurrencies after setting a new all-time high (ATH) at $73,750. Its market capitalization has doubled to $1.3 trillion in the past few months following the launch of exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Ethereum (ETH), the second most popular cryptocurrency, has dropped from controlling 21% of the crypto market share to 17% despite its price enjoying 59% growth since the start of the year. However, major asset managers like Fidelity are now working to get ETH spot ETFs approved by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and there’s a solid chance they get their wish in the next several months. That should be enough to get ETH’s market cap over the trillion-dollar mark while prices skyrocket.

Ethereum launched InQubeta (QUBE) is also poised for massive growth as its initial coin offering draws closer to its end. It’s been a tremendous success so far as it has raised over $12.8 million in token sales. That’s less than $6 million away from what Ethereum’s developers were able to raise during its presale. The tremendous success of its ICO has sparked a frenzy on Reddit as traders and investors discuss its growth potential. The consensus is that it is likely to enjoy close to 10,000% gains.

Experts mark InQubeta (QUBE) as the best new cryptocurrency to invest in

One of the reasons InQubeta has enjoyed so much investor interest is the creative way it aims to make investing in artificial intelligence (AI) more accessible. The emerging crypto intends to serve as an alternative to traditional investment firms which often work best for the well-connected and healthy.

InQubeta will use a crowdfunding approach to create an easy way to buy equity and other rewards in AI startups. Firms that meet InQubeta’s standards will be allowed to make non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are digital symbols of investment opportunities. These tokens perform similar duties to stocks on conventional markets.

Anyone can become a part owner of an AI startup by purchasing these investment opportunities with QUBE. Investors can choose to hold on to these ERC20 coins for any duration of time or resell them on the marketplace to other users.

The rise of AI

Artificial intelligence could end up being the biggest tech breakthrough ever. It’s already led to some things many people wouldn’t have thought possible a decade ago, like self-driving taxis picking up passengers in San Francisco.

nvestments in AI have grown 1,000% since 2015, going from $12 billion to $120 billion. Investor interest in AI-focused firms continues to increase exponentially, and it is estimated that $1.5 trillion will be guided to AI by 2030.

Investing in AI is one of the most likely ways to build generational wealth in the next several years, and InQubeta plans to give everyone access to such opportunities.


ETH ETFs could lead to Ethereum’s market dominance mirroring BTC’s

Some analysts have ETH’s price reaching as high as $6,500 this year and it could grow a lot more if exchange-traded funds are approved in the next few months. It could even someday overtake Bitcoin as the most popular crypto because of its blockchain being more capable.

The Dencun upgrade recently implemented has reduced fees on its layer-2 blockchains and improved the efficiency of the mainnet.

Render (RNDR) up 134% in 2024

RNDR has enjoyed more growth than BTC or ETH in 2024, and it could end up enjoying over 500% this year like it did in 2023. Its ecosystem allows miners to monetize unused processing power to other users and that’s turned out to be a highly-needed solution given its rapid growth.


RNDR, ETH, BTC, and QUBE are four crypto to buy right now. All four are poised for considerable growth, but QUBE is the only one that could grow as much as 10,000%.

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