Is Andrew Tate's Crypto endorsement a reliable indicator to invest in Ethereum and VC Spectra? | Cyprus Mail

Is Andrew Tate's Crypto endorsement a reliable indicator to invest in Ethereum and VC Spectra? | Cyprus Mail

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Andrew Tate, a prominent social media figure, recently surprised the crypto community by promoting his cryptocurrency university. This comes as a departure from his earlier disdain for the crypto space. While the crypto X community continues to discuss the subject, experts have had their say on what his endorsement means for top altcoins like Ethereum (ETH) and VC Spectra (SPCT). Let’s find out. 


Andrew Tate: From Crypto skeptic to believer 

On October 26, Andrew Tate joined a long list of notable individuals who endorsed crypto and made a U-turn from their hardline stances against the sector. On his X (formerly Twitter) account, Tate promoted his cryptocurrency university, which aims to teach students how to make money in the crypto space. His latest stance marks a significant departure from a statement he made back in April. 

Everyone on my team made money on $BTC

It was as easy as listening to the professionals who have worked every day for YEARS to make sure they get it right.

You could have won too

You could win on future dumps and future pumps

But you won’t do it alone.

— Andrew Tate (@Cobratate) October 26, 2023

In April, Tate criticized the crypto space and crypto influencers, saying that “the easy money isn’t in crypto anymore.” However, his university now aims to teach crypto enthusiasts how to accurately predict crypto pumps, stating that “in Hustler’s University, we actually tell you when to buy and when to sell crypto.” 

Andrew Tate has remained a polarizing figure for his views, both within and outside the crypto space. Specifically, he has been criticized by many for his indirect promotion of meme coins and rugpulls.  

How does Andrew Tate’s endorsement affect the futures of Ethereum (ETH) and VC Spectra (SPCT)? Let’s find out. 

What does Andrew Tate’s endorsement of Crypto mean for Ethereum (ETH)? 

Being a top ten cryptocurrency, many believe that only the endorsements of institutions, leading businessmen, or industry experts could drive a surge in Ethereum’s (ETH) price. Accordingly, Ethereum (ETH) dropped from $1,804.04 on October 26 to $1,795.55 on October 29, a nominal 0.47% decrease in price.   

When asked how high Ethereum can go, the ETH price prediction from bulls is very optimistic. According to these experts, with the SEC likely to approve the Bitcoin ETF applications before it, the Ethereum (ETH) price could reach $2,500.00 by 2024. 

On the other hand, bearish analysts’ ETH price prediction for Q4 remains pessimistic. This ETH price prediction is based on Ethereum technical analysis backed by indicators such as the Cumulative Delta and RSI. Based on their analysis, they think Ethereum (ETH) could decline further to $1,350.00 by the end of Q4 2023. 

VC Spectra: The expert-vetted top ICO of 2023 

Given that Andrew Tate has become a crypto crusader, he will be well-poised to further explore the dynamic cryptocurrency space. One of the top DeFi projects he might consider is VC Spectra (SPCT), a groundbreaking decentralized hedge fund and trading platform. 

VC Spectra (SPCT) is a decentralized hedge fund at the forefront of the blockchain and fintech revolution, positioning it as a leading blockchain ICO within the burgeoning DeFi landscape. It offers investors access to new ICOs and exclusive voting privileges.

At the heart of VC Spectra’s governance is SPCT, a deflationary Bitcoin BRC-20 token, which features a burn mechanism that could drive future increases in SPCT value. Currently, in Stage 4 of its public presale, SPCT is priced at $0.055, providing early investors with an impressive ROI of 587.5%. This rapid ascent in SPCT’s value is primarily due to mounting interest from institutional investors.

Market experts have stated that VC Spectra’s token, SPCT, is poised to surpass its end-of-presale price target of $0.080. Moreover, VC Spectra offers a momentous bonus on all deposits, further solidifying SPCT’s status as one of the best cryptos to buy now.

Learn more about VC Spectra (SPCT) and its presale:
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