Vitalik Buterin Steps Back, Says It's Time for Next Gen

Vitalik Buterin Steps Back, Says It's Time for Next Gen

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Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, is distancing himself from his position as a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency world. 

Buterin, finally, in his recent blog post took a moment to observe and process the change from being a young revolutionary into becoming more of an established industry veteran. He proclaimed his feeling that “it is time for the next generation to rise up and take the mantle from where they used to be, where now mine lies.”

Furthermore, Buterin pointed out that he is currently witnessing people, a whole decade younger or less than thirty years in age, performing big roles in crypto technology and other related technologies. He has also narrated to me things that he learned at hackathons or gatherings like Zuzalu where the youngsters would take up initiative and drive projects ahead.

But even that says of himself that he often does the things in his life under pressure from outside, as well as due to requests. He used his 2017 meeting with Vladimir Putin as an example, noting that he did not work to arrange the meeting so much as followed along with what someone else had suggested he did.

This has not been an easy journey, but Buterin says that his experiences also go with the fact of what he has to face now in cryptocurrency, this situation being close to where Buterin should be more actively building the future of Ethereum and decentralization.

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