Big Brother Biden wants AI to control what you read, say and think

Big Brother Biden wants AI to control what you read, say and think

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Get ready, America: Joe “Big Brother” Biden wants to make sure you only see and hear what his minions think is appropriate. 

The Biden administration has been spending millions on R&D for AI-powered tools meant to sniff out “disinformation,” reports the House Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government.

The AI would alert social media companies on what to squelch, enabling an industrial-scale version of the suppression efforts Biden’s enforcers and allies already provably engaged in around COVID, Hunter’s laptop, and other major true stories. 

The money’s going to tech-development heavy hitters like MIT, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the University of Michigan under a program ominously named “Trust & Authenticity in Communication Systems,” part of the even more ominously named “Convergence Accelerator Program.” 

It’s Biden’s aborted Ministry of Truth all over again but on steroids. 

The program’s true thrust is revealed in the words of the researchers building the tools: “Broad swaths of the public cannot effectively sort truth from fiction online,” including and especially “military veterans, older adults, military families” as well as people who read “the Bible or the Constitution.”  

Joe Biden signing an executive order on artificial intelligence at the White House stage.
Twitter’s censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story in 2020 could be on an industrial scale thanks to AI tools being built with funding from the Biden administration, a report from Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee claims. REUTERS

In other words: Time to make sure those stupid, backward, Republican hicks only get a diet of government-approved news

Remember, “disinformation” means “true information that is politically inconvenient for Democrats.”

Like the fact that Hunter Biden’s laptop is real, verifiably his and filled with evidence of his crookery

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Or COVID facts such as: Vaccines can have side effects and do not meaningfully stop transmission of the virus, which likely escaped from a Wuhan lab — and prolonged, society-wide lockdowns did more harm than good.

Again and again, operators in the White House and multiple federal agencies used the implied threat of their regulatory and prosecutorial powers to make backroom calls to Facebook and Twitter and kill content they didn’t like. 

Heck, they even tried to bully Amazon into not selling books they objected to.

That’s what these programs aim at.

Suppressing info the government (as directed by self-proclaimed, inevitably left-leaning “disinformation experts”) deems bad so you can’t read it or talk about it or — ultimately — think about it

And not to create space for factual, correct content, but to propagate tales from “The Big Progressive Book of Bedtime Stories,” like “Donald Trump Is a Russian Spy” and “Wanting Your Kids’ School To Be Open Means You’re Racist.”  

So kudos to committee chief Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), who continues to do yeoman’s work blowing up the drive by disinfo “experts” to marshal the power of the federal government against Americans engaging in constitutionally protected activities

And don’t forget, America: Big Brother is watching

At least until you vote him out in November. 

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