How Our Auto-burn Mechanism Helps Keep Your Tokens Valuable

How Our Auto-burn Mechanism Helps Keep Your Tokens Valuable

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One of the most enticing features of cryptocurrencies is that their value increases with time. This is quite different from fiat currencies which lose value over time due to inflation. But in recent times, we’ve seen how crypto prices can drop when there’s too much supply on the market and not enough demand for it. This could be due to a bear market or other external economic factors.

The problem with this is that if you’re holding your tokens at the wrong time, they may be worth less than when you purchased them. We want to avoid this scenario as much as possible as we believe money should give people stability and opportunities.

So to ensure that our SRG token value never drops to a critical level, we came up with an idea called the auto-burn mechanism. Here’s all you need to know about the auto-burn mechanism and how it works:

The auto-burn mechanism is one of three unrelated assets we use to maintain the value of the SRG token. Simply put, the mechanism is an automatic feature that aims to guard our token floor price against reaching a specific low point. The mechanism will burn some amount of SRG tokens until the target floor price has been reached.

When the auto-burn starts, we’ll burn SRG tokens based on a formula. If the current market price of SRG tokens drops below 40% of its previous all-time high, then we’ll start burning part of the total supply of SRG tokens. This helps create a deflationary effect that keeps the circulating supply of SRG tokens under control. Since it’s an automatic feature, the auto-burn mechanism will stop burning SRG tokens once the target floor price has been met.

We don’t think it’s fair to let the price of SRG tokens fall to such a low point. It would mean that those who didn’t buy SRG tokens early on would end up losing out on potential profits. And since we are a company that wants to provide opportunities to everyone, we want to ensure that no one loses out on any opportunity. That’s why we decided to implement an auto-burn mechanism.

We also feel that having an auto-burn mechanism is a good way to protect our investors’ interests. In case the price of SRG falls significantly, we won’t be able to compensate everyone equally. So by implementing an auto-burn mechanism, we hope to ensure that no one loses out on their investment.

The auto-burn mechanism is also important because it ensures that the SRG token remains valuable even during periods of extreme volatility.

If you’re looking for a next-level cryptocurrency project that prioritizes your interests, then look no further! With our auto-burn feature and physical gold and cash reserve, you can rest assured that your investments will always remain safe.

We’re building a world where your money opens you to countless opportunities. Investing in us means investing in yourself.

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