How To Get on illumiShare SRG’s Gold List

How To Get on illumiShare SRG’s Gold List

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One of the perks of joining a crypto project early is enjoying lots of benefits before the rest of the community. That is why at illumiShare SRG, we aim to reward early adopters through our Gold List.

But what benefits does the Gold List give you, and how do you get on this list? This article will best explain all you need to know about the illumiShare SRG Gold List.

illumiShare SRG Gold List is a special list of people who can buy our tokens a day before launch. This list is reserved for only a select few, and there are criteria for getting listed.

Getting on the illumiShare SRG Gold List is easy. All you have to do is stay active on our Discord channel. We are growing a vibrant community of like-minded individuals across the world who share a common goal of leveraging blockchain technology opportunities to create financial stability.

Therefore, we aim to reward those in our community who are most active in spreading our project to more people while engaging in valuable conversations. Visit our website today to join our Discord server and other social media handles. Stay active and stand a chance to get into the Gold List.

We’ll be holding several giveaways on our Discord to reward active members who prioritize valuable conversations. This will give people who join us early to enjoy the benefit of buying out the token first before any other person.

Another way to get into the Gold List is by winning giveaways on our social media platforms. We host Gold List giveaways frequently on our Twitter handle and other social media accounts. Another place where we give out spots is in our AMAs. So, ensure to stay updated on our social handles to get early news on upcoming giveaways.

At illumiShare SRG, we believe money should give people stability and opportunities. This is why we’ve introduced our Gold List initiative to ensure we reward our early community members and give them a higher chance at enjoying all the benefits of holding our SRG token.

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