Is XRP Price At $20 Possible? Crypto Analyst Predicts Stunning Move

Is XRP Price At $20 Possible? Crypto Analyst Predicts Stunning Move

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Crypto analyst Jaydee has outlined a scenario in which the XRP price could rise to as high as $20 at the peak of the next bull market. According to him, this price level is possible if certain factors are considered. 

What Will Facilitate XRP Price Rise To $20

Jaydee mentioned in an X (formerly Twitter) post that $20 is a “possible top” for XRP using the market cap as a marker. For this to happen, he also noted that there must be a structure break on the charts.

The analyst, however, is not holding his breath for that to happen. He further remarked that he was going to take profits once XRP was overbought on multiple higher timeframes. Interestingly, Jaydee had once shown his skepticism about XRP rising to between $10 and $15. As such, his latest analysis came as a surprise to some of his followers. 

Meanwhile, crypto analyst Egrag Crypto recently provided an analysis of XRP’s current state. He stated that things are looking bullish on the monthly time frame. He further hinted that a major pump was “brewing,” but there could be more move to the downside before that happens. This, he says, will be “enough to spook the weak hands.” 

The analyst also gave an insight into how low XRP could drop in another X post. He noted that XRP was currently in a critical zone and that a weekly close below the ascending triangle’s edge could trigger a price downturn to $0.34. On the other hand, if XRP were to close above $0.75, Egg believes that would invalidate his current setup.  

In the meantime, the analyst sees these current dips in the XRP market as an opportunity to accumulate more tokens while preparing for the pump that will “roll in fast mode.”

XRP price chart from (Crypto analyst)

Token price falls to $0.5 | Source: XRPUSD on

The Bottom For XRP’s Current Trend

The current belief among different crypto analysts seems to be that XRP is likely to decline further before it makes any parabolic move to the upside. Crypto analyst Ali Martinez had previously predicted that XRP could drop to $0.34 if it failed to hold above the $0.55 support level (which it has failed to do). 

Now, crypto analyst XRP Shark is also echoing almost similar sentiments as he shared his belief that the price ranges between $.35 and $0.45 could be the bottom area for XRP’s move to the downside. Once the crypto token drops to that price range, he predicts that a “violent move to the upside” will follow. 

As Egrag suggested, this move to the downside looks necessary to shake out weak hands before XRP experiences new highs. Crypto analyst Crypto Rover predicts that XRP will experience a “massive breakout” sometime in March. 

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