Posted by | June 24, 2022
CBDC may threaten stablecoins, not Bitcoin: ARK36 exec

A state-backed digital currency like the U.S. dollar doesn’t necessarily have to be a competitor to a decentralized cryptocurrency, one industry exec believes. 1470 Total views 48 Total shares Central...

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Posted by | June 22, 2022
Stablecoin Tether (USDT) To Undergo Full Audit From Top Firm in Bid for Transparency

Tether (USDT) will undergo a full audit from a top accounting firm, according to the stablecoin issuer’s chief technology officer. Tether CTO Paolo Ardoino tells Euromoney that a top-12 accounting...

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Posted by | June 22, 2022
Tether to launch GBPT stablecoin pegged to British pound sterling

Tether expects to be part of industry innovation in the United Kingdom as the country is planning to adopt stablecoins as a means of payment. 2946 Total views 38 Total...

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Posted by | June 20, 2022
Record stablecoin market share points to crypto upside: JPMorgan

Despite the FUD around stablecoins, the percentage of stablecoins in the total market cap has been growing recently, hitting new all-time highs. 4897 Total views 96 Total shares The rapid...

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Posted by | June 17, 2022
Magic Internet Money token depegs as LUNA domino effect persists

Citing an insider scoop, Autism Capital claimed that Abracadabra accrued $12 million in bad debt as a direct result of Terra’s sudden downfall, which has been refuted by founder Daniele...

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Posted by | June 17, 2022
Elusive Bitcoin ETF: Hester Peirce criticizes lack of legal clarity for crypto

The crypto sector may be maturing, but regulatory clarity around the treatment of digital assets continues to remain cumbersome. This was recently highlighted by Commissioner Hester Peirce — also known as...

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Posted by | June 17, 2022
Tether’s USDT market cap dips below $70B for an 8-month low

Amid Tether losing market share over the past few weeks, the Circle-backed USDC stablecoin has been growing notably, with the market value surging to $55 billion. 690 Total views 19...

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Posted by | June 14, 2022
Consensus 2022: Web3, unpacking regulations, and optimism for crypto’s future

“Everything is bigger in Texas” proved to be true during Consensus 2022. The crypto conference took place June 9–12 in Austin, Texas, this year, attracting over 20,000 people from across...

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Posted by | June 12, 2022
Ethereum price enters ‘oversold’ zone for the first time since November 2018

Ethereum’s native token Ether (ETH) entered its “oversold” territory this June 12, for the first time since November 2018, according to its weekly relative strength index (RSI).This is the last...

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Posted by | June 9, 2022
LUNA2 traders are increasingly short despite 67.5% rally, $4 million liquidated

Terra (LUNA2) reversed a portion of the losses this June 9 as its price per token rose by as much as 67.5% on the day, catching many traders off-guard with...

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