OKX Has Enabled ORBS Staking for All Orbs Community Members

OKX Has Enabled ORBS Staking for All Orbs Community Members

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September 29, 2022 – Tel Aviv, Israel

Holders of the ORBS token can now stake their assets on the OKX cryptocurrency exchange. The support of this powerful trading platform enhances the token’s appeal and the Orbs token’s utility.

OKX is one of the leading global cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms. It processes over $2 billion in trading volume and supports over 350 currencies and more than 600 trading pairs. Moreover, OKX helps unlock support for native ecosystem developments of supported coins.

The OKX exchange supports staking or various cryptocurrencies. Users will lock up their coins to start earning rewards. Every supported currency, including ORBS, will have a native APY and daily interest rate. Profits will be issued each day after the user subscribes to the staking effort, with rewards accruing daily afterward.

The addition of ORBS staking support is one such development. Users of the popular exchange can stake their Orbs tokens directly through the exchange to start accumulating rewards. Moreover, the exchange enables token holders to contribute to the security of the Orbs network from the convenience of their exchange account.

Orbs is a public and permissionless blockchain project – a layer three venture. Any builder can develop on the Orbs network and explore its technological benefits. Additionally, anyone can become part of the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism as long as they adhere to the protocol’s consensus rules.

The ORBS staking opportunity is also featured on OKX’s main staking webpage.

The Orbs community is excited to welcome OKX as a reputable player and network supporter. Moreover, other entities or stakeholders who actively participate in the Orbs ecosystem and its security are equally crucial.

OKX shares the same goals and vision of the Orbs project as its developers and community do, further propelling the ecosystem forward.

About OKX

OKX is an innovative cryptocurrency exchange with advanced financial services. OKX relies on blockchain technology to provide everything you need for wise trading and investment.

Enjoy hundreds of tokens and trading pairs. With OKX, you can join one of the leading crypto exchanges by trading volume. OKX serves millions of users in over 100 countries, providing spot, margin, futures, options, perpetual swaps trading, DeFi, lending and mining services.

About Orbs

Orbs is a public and decentralized blockchain infrastructure operated via a secure network of permissionless validators and the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. The platform serves as a decentralized execution layer between existing layer one and layer two chains and the application layer.

By enhancing the capabilities of EVM smart contracts, Orbs powers new use cases for DeFi, NFTs, GameFi and other emerging blockchain-based sectors.


Ran Hammer, Orbs

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