Seracle integrates Algorand to drive blockchain adoption in India –

Seracle integrates Algorand to drive blockchain adoption in India –

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The partnership to save Web3 devops costs by upto 90%

Seracle, a global blockchain cloud company with operations in India, the US and Canada, has recently announced a partnership with Algorand, a pure proof-of-stake blockchain, to promote adoption of blockchain among Web3 companies.

With this integration, Seracle offers a one-click blockchain node setup for Algorand, thus helping save up to 90% of DevOps costs for Web3 projects.

Additionally, Seracle offers Algorand APIs that make it programming language agnostic, providing greater accessibility for developers to work with Algorand.

Since the launch of its blockchain cloud in December 2022, the Pune and New York headquartered Seracle has already attracted 700+ developers and 30+ enterprises. With the integration of Algorand into Seracle’s blockchain cloud platform, these users and enterprises will be exposed to Algorand’s capabilities, particularly in finance, supply chain, and other sectors that require secure, scalable, and fast transactions.

The Algorand VP and India Country Head, Mr. Anil Kakani, expressed his pleasure about the integration, stating that it is a significant step towards providing seamless blockchain infrastructure and development solutions to Bharat developers. He also emphasized AlgoBharat’s support of Seracle’s work in enabling more substantial development and adoption of blockchain-based solutions in India and beyond.

CEO of Seracle, Mr. Shrikant Bhalerao, highlighted the potential applications of Algorand in various industries, stating that Algorand’s capabilities make it a perfect fit for Web3 projects. He further added that Seracle’s integration with Algorand would drive innovation and growth in sectors that require secure, scalable, and fast transactions.

Seracle blockchain cloud is also preparing to be available on popular cloud marketplaces such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, and Oracle Cloud, providing even greater accessibility to their blockchain scaling solution.

Overall, this integration and incubation facility represents a significant step forward for the Web3 ecosystem in India. Seracle and Algorand are well-positioned to drive innovation and growth in the region. With Seracle’s integration of Algorand into its blockchain cloud platform, the future of Algorand in India looks promising


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