Another web3 domain company applies for top level domain … – Domain Name Wire

Another web3 domain company applies for top level domain … – Domain Name Wire

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Freename wants to trademark stylized versions of .hodl, .airdrop and .moon.

The word Trademarks on a dark blue green background with a stylized R symbol

Freename AG, one of many initiatives offering blockchain-based domain names, has applied for U.S. trademarks for some of its extensions.

The company applied for design marks for .hodl, .moon, and .airdrop for various domain registration services, citing priority of foreign trademark registrations in Switzerland.

Each of the applications is for the top level domain inside an oval shape, and the applications claim the blue color as part of the mark.

While top level domains can’t be trademarked for domain registration services at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, logos can be trademarked. For example, Telnames Limited, which runs .tel, has a trademark for its logo. The primary feature of the logo is .tel, but the application states “no claim is made to the exclusive right to use .”tel” apart from the marks as shown.”

Other web3 domain companies have tried and repeatedly failed to trademark top level domains.

Is Freename trying to slip these through or does it truly want to just trademark the domains in the stylized format? I’ll leave that up to you.

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