Azuki NFT Airdropped A Token For Real Life Branded Jackets To All Holders –

Azuki NFT Airdropped A Token For Real Life Branded Jackets To All Holders –

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The Azuki NFT project is on a roll to bring more and more utility to it its holders! Recently, the Azuki Twin Tigers Jacket prototypes made their debut at NFT LA. Now, the project has airdropped a special token to all holders, which they can redeem for Azuki’s first-ever physical drop, a limited edition Twin Tigers Jacket. What are these Azuki branded jackets and how can you redeem them? Let’s find out!

Azuki Twin Tigers Jacket in blue colour
Azuki holders can now redeem Azuki Twin Tigers Jackets.

About The Azuki Twin Tigers Jackets

Essentially, the Azuki Twin Tigers jackets take inspiration from the ‘Sukajan’ jackets. A combination of American and Japanese street culture, these jackets are classic fashion pieces dating back to the 1940s. 

The Azuki jackets, in particular, are made from quilted Japanese silk and Italian nickel zipper. Besides, it features off-white ribbing, eco-insulation, handmade chain stitch, and chenille embroidery. All in all, the stunning jackets are a sight to behold and possibly one of the best NFT merch drop in recent times. In fact, a single jacket is worth $2,000! But, of course, Azuki holders can redeem them for free. 

What’s more, these jackets are reversible! One side is blue in colour and features a hand chainstitch and chenille embroidered Tiger. The sleeves and chest also have additional embroidered details. 

“The red side of the jacket features the AZUKI logo in red embroidery on the front chest and white piping on the sleeves,” Azuki tweeted.  

the ‘Sukajan’ classic Japanese jackets
Azuki NFT’s physical jackets take inspiration from the ‘Sukajan’ jackets.

In addition, to honour AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage) Month, Azuki will donate all royalties from the secondary market tradings of the tokens to Stand with Asians. According to Azuki, it is “an AAPI community fund that partners with creators to distribute grants to underserved AAPI communities.” 

How to Redeem Your Azuki Jackets

If you are an Azuki holder, you can redeem each token for a single jacket. A blue token means that it has not redeemed a jacket. Once you redeem your jacket, the project will burn the blue token and give you a red token. If you don’t redeem the blue token before the redemption window closes, the token will remain blue as a collectible.

You can start redeeming the jackets in the coming weeks. For this, you can head to the project’s website. Once Azuki announces the first day of the redemption window, you will have 30 days to redeem your jacket. To reiterate, the redemption process is completely free for all token holders. 

What is the Azuki NFT Project?

Launched on January 12, 2022, the Azuki NFT project is a collection of 10,000 anime-style avatars. It is founded by Chiru Labs, a Los Angeles-based startup. One of the main selling points of the collection is its artwork, which takes inspiration from streetwear and skateboard culture as well.

Months since its launch, Azuki NFT’s commitment to community-building needs no mention. Despite a rugpull allegation, the project seems to soar. With its latest Azuki jacket drop, the hundreds of thousands strong Azuki community is all praises for the project.

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