Nouns DAO Twitter Hacked: Brazen Scammer Holds a Twitter Space! –

Nouns DAO Twitter Hacked: Brazen Scammer Holds a Twitter Space! –

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Another day, another NFT hack. In the latest NFT scam to hit the industry, a scammer hacked Nouns DAO’s Twitter account earlier today. But what’s bizarre is that the scammer hosted a Twitter space to lure users into their phishing scam. While Nouns DAO has now recovered their Twitter account, let’s take a closer look into what happened.

Nouns DAO Twitter hack
Nouns DAO’s Twitter hacker even hosted a Twitter space! Credit: @sasha_nft

Nouns DAO Twitter Hack: What Happened?

Earlier today, a scammer hacked Nouns DAO’s Twitter account. As usual, they tweeted phishing links for a fake raffle to win Noun 355 and 356. They also claimed to airdrop Nouns’ DAO Passes after minting. The only requirement? Those minting must have Nouns in their wallet. 

What’s more, the hacker even hosted a Twitter space, asking listeners to participate in the free raffle. As herin.eth put it: “First time listening to live scamming.”

Soon after, punk4156, Nouns DAO’s developer, put out a warning on Twitter. They wrote that the Nouns DAO Twitter account was compromised and warned users to not click any links from the account.

At the time of writing, Nouns DAO has regained access to the account. “order has been restored to the nouniverse,” they wrote. “apologies for the interruption and a sincere thank you to everyone for your help. if you were affected by the hackers malicious activity, please dm @punk4156. post-mortem to follow in the coming days.”

It is yet uncertain how many people were affected by this hack.

Not the first NFT scam this week

Unfortunately, this is not the first NFT scam to happen this week. On Friday, BODL NFT founder, Neil lost several NFTs to a phishing attack. Reportedly, Neil tried to mint a pre-mint pass through a link posted by a “random mutant ape”. 

As always, do not click on any links posted online. In addition, always double-check before minting to stay safe.

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