Aomni AI tells us about the interconnected future of Blockchain and AI

Aomni AI tells us about the interconnected future of Blockchain and AI

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Are you interested in deeper, less simplistic and more current research results than ChatGPT creates? Aomni is a sophisticated research tool providing in-depth, intelligent results.

Yes, it’s slower. That’s fine. Just found out it’s only a few weeks old, and new ventures create and then polish.

Aomni gives aggregated results by scraping credible websites, summarizes each one and then provides an overall summary. This particular result came from IBM, BuitIn,, Forbes and Turing.

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We’re starting with the same question asked of ChatGTP: “Blockchain and AI are increasingly intertwined. Write me an article about 1. the uses of AI in blockchain 2. the uses of blockchain in AI”. Will change the query in the next AI article; for this one comparison is interesting.

I took parts, made them visually more readable, mixed them around a bit, and condensed language. So, while aomni’s more sophisticated research answers are excellent, it’s not an instant written for you tool, but close. I did actually have to think on this one, which is good, and it took less time than re-writing ChatGTP’s response. So, here you are.

AI and blockchain are innovative technologies with the potential to revolutionize various industries by enhancing security, transparency, and efficiency.

Combined, benefits include improved data authenticity, augmentation, automation, and access to distributed computing power.

Some applications of AI and blockchain working together include cybersecurity, supply chain management, financial services, and decentralized marketplaces. In these applications, AI can rapidly process and correlate data, while blockchain ensures data security, integrity, and transparency.

Combined, they have the potential to transform various industries. Their intersection can enhance security, transparency, and efficiency. Some industry examples of AI and blockchain working together include:

1. Cybersecurity: AI can detect and respond to threats, while blockchain ensures data security and integrity, creating more secure systems for individuals, businesses, and governments.

2. Supply chain management: Blockchain creates a transparent and secure supply chain, while AI analyzes data and optimizes the process, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

3. Financial services: AI detects fraudulent activities, and blockchain ensures transaction security, reducing costs and time for cross-border transactions and making the financial system more accessible.

4. Decentralized marketplaces: AI optimizes the marketplace and provides personalized recommendations, while blockchain ensures the authenticity and provenance of goods.

5. Medical applications: Again, I’m adding this myself, because there’s relevance for patients, medical facilities and medical research.

AI has several intrinsic uses in blockchain, including:

1. Authenticity: Blockchain provides a digital record that helps improve trust in data integrity and the recommendations AI provides. Storing and distributing AI models on blockchain offers an audit trail and enhances data security.

2. Augmentation: AI can rapidly process and correlate data, bringing a new level of intelligence to blockchain-based business networks. Blockchain helps AI scale by providing access to large volumes of data, leading to more actionable insights, better data usage and model sharing, and a transparent data economy.

3. Automation: Combining AI, automation, and blockchain can add value to multi-party business processes by removing friction, increasing speed, and improving efficiency. AI models in smart contracts on blockchain can recommend actions, execute transactions, resolve disputes, and select sustainable shipping methods.

In summary, the fusion of AI and Blockchain can lead to optimized processes, reduced costs, and increased trust in AI’s recommendations. Companies like CertiK, Core Scientific, and Token Metrics are examples of businesses utilizing AI and blockchain together.

As these technologies continue to evolve, more innovative applications are expected to emerge, transforming the way we live and work.

It’s worth noting that I’ve asked aomni several different research questions,and loved its more in-depth answers. You can use aomni at Check it out and let me know what you think!

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